Quenching Limits and Materials Degradation of Hydrogen Diffusion Flames

This study examines the types of hydrogen leaks that can support combustion and the effects on various materials of long term hydrogen flame exposure. Experimental and analytical work is presented. Measurements included limits of quenching, blowoff,,.

Author: Morton, Nicholas Ryan

Source: University of Maryland

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Basics of Hydrogen
1.2 Sources of Hydrogen
1.3 Hydrogen Safety
1.4 Literature Review
Chapter 2: Phenomena
2.1 Quenching
2.2 Standoff Distance
2.3 Blowoff
Chapter 3: Quenching and Blowoff Limits
3.1 Crack Parameter
3.2 Experiments
3.2.1 Quenching Limit Experimental Setup and Procedure
3.2.2 Blowoff Experimental Modifications
3.3 Quenching and Blowoff Results
Chapter 4: Corrosive Effects of Flames
4.1 Burner Tube Test
4.2 Wire and Fiber Experiments
4.3 Wire and Fiber Test Results
4.3.1 Stainless Steel Alloy 304
4.3.2 Stainless Steel Alloy 316
4.3.3 Aluminum Alloy 1100
4.3.4 Galvanized 1006-1008 Carbon Steel
4.3.5 SiCO Fiber
Chapter 5: Conclusions
5.1 Quenching and Blowoff
5.2 Materials Effects

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