Russian Banking Report

The objective of this report is to cautiously evaluate the size of public sector within the Russian banking industry. We have identified Seventy eight state-influenced banks. For the state-owned banks, we separate those that are owned by Central Bank of Russia, by sub-federal (regional and municipal) authorities, by state-owned enterprises and banks, and by state corporations. We approximate their combined share of the market.

The key inspiration for this report is to add to the research of the trend of state-influenced banking in the Russian context. Even though the pervasiveness of the public sector in Russia is well known, it’s not at all an easy job to document it. We have gathered empirical data to test whether or not the control structure of the banking industry has in fact altered in favor of state-controlled players, that describes our fascination with a more refined classification of state-influenced and state-controlled banks and in the approaches of state control over nominally private institutions. These concerns are applicable for research of comparative efficiency and performance of institutions of various ownership types. Karas et al. [2008] found that in Russia domestic private banks usually are not more efficient than domestic public banks.

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Source: Bank of Finland

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