Supply Chain Evolution and key elements of progress

Supply chains evolve in accordance with changes in the market and their ambitions. The evolution of supply chain is correlated to different elements of progress in the business context referred to as performance measurement, innovation and clockspeed. These correlations are the starting point of moving the chain towards the higher goals and therefore are of most importance. In order to assure that the chain is moving on the right path in its evolutionary journey, the journey must start based on the most accurate data available. In chapter 1 an overview of evolution strategy is discussed and two definitions of supply chain evolution are provided. The second chapter begins with performance measures and its relevance to supply chain evolution. There is also a discussion of weighted approach to SCOR model and an introduction of some new measures for further research. Chapter 3 is discussing outsourcing strategies in different business structures based on product modularity. The concept of „modularity balance‟ and evolution advantages with regards to modularity are introduced…


Chapter 1 – Introduction
1-1. Background
1-2. Theoretical frame of reference
1-3. Research methods and data sampling methods
1-4. Evaluation of methods and data
1-5. Empirical work
Chapter 2 – Supply Chain Performance and planning evolution
2-1. Abstract
2-2. Performance Measurement
2-3. Potential new measures (research possibility)
Chapter 3 – Make vs. Buy strategies and supply chain structure
3-1. Abstract
3-2. Modularity vs. integrity
3-3. Evolution and business genetics
3-4. Definition of evolution based on clockspeed
3-5. Two ways of preparing for uncertainty during evolutionary process
3-6. Supply chain parties interdependence
3-7. Stages of evolutionary process
Chapter 4 – Make vs. Buy strategies and supply chain innovation
4-1. Abstract
4-2. Primary and secondary Innovation
4-3. Creating needs
4-4. Innovation and clockspeed
Chapter 5 – Conclusions and future research
Appendix 1 – Supply chain performance measures

Author: Baghdad Abadi, Fatemeh Dehghani

Source: University of Boras

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