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Environmental Applications of Aquatic Remote Sensing

A lot of lakes, coastal zones and oceans are directly or indirectly influenced by human activities. Through the outlet of a large amount of materials in the air and water, we’re changing the natural conditions on local and international levels. Remote sensing sensors, on satellites or planes, can easily acquire image data, offering the user with details about the indicated region, object or phenomenon. Three unique programs are outlined within this dissertation.

Contractors Choice of Material for Sewer

This report is conducted together with NCC Construction Sverige AB and treats sewers from the contractors’ viewpoint. The report investigates in an overall way how the work with sewers operates in a contract company and which aspects that speak for the different pipe materials, plastics and concrete from an overall economic perspective. Presently both tubes and wells created from plastic as well as concrete are utilized and promoted. The document represents which aspects that affect the option of pipe system, plastics or concrete.

Traffic Flow Modeling with Real-Time Data for On-Line Network Traffic Estimation and Prediction

This research addresses the problem of modeling time-dependent traffic flow with real-time traffic sensor data for the purpose of online traffic estimation and prediction to support ATMS/ATIS in an urban transportation network. The fundamental objectives of this study are to formulate and