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Credit allocation, capital requirements and procyclicality

Despite the fact that beneficial allocational effects happen to be a key inspiration for the Basel II capital adequacy reform, the interaction of these effects with Basel II’s procyclical impact has been less talked about. In this report, we check out effect

Bank Capital, Capital Regulation and Lending

The paper analyzes bank loan supply in a simple value maximizing partial equilibrium framework. The focus is on the role of bank capital, capital regulation and the pricing of bank liabilities. The model is constructed so as to resemble the situation of the Finnish local banks in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, particularly with regard to capital regulation which changed subtantially during this period.

Expropriation through connected party transaction : the case of Hong Kong

This project examines whether the pricing of connected transactions is driven by tunneling purpose to benefit controlling shareholders at the expense of minority shareholders. I also explore whether the pricing decision is influenced by specific corporate governance and information disclosure characteristics.

Growth status and persistence in the cross section of corporate capital structure

This dissertation looks at the link between growth status and the cross-section of corporate capital structure. Initially, I propose initial growth status, an idea depending on a two-way sort on firms’ market-to-book and asset tangibility in early yrs after Initial public offering, not just reflects the cross-sectional variants in leverage ratios, but in addition unveils the time in-variant evolutions in capital structure. That’s, high (low) growth status firms generally have steady low (high) leverage over extended periods of time.