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Re-engineering Payment Systems

This report is about payment systems which are experiencing quick changes triggered largely by technological advancement. Distributed network technology, real-time processing and customers’ willingness to utilize electronic monetary interfaces will even more reshape payment systems in the long term. Internet and e-commerce are having a significant influence on payment systems.

Project on Momentum Strategy in Stock Market

The main objective of this project was to check out profitability of the momentum strategy in the stock markets. The momentum strategy is a smart investment strategy wherein earlier winners are bought and past losers are shorted. In this project we’ve additionally presented that momentum can’t be explained by the systematic risk of the individual stocks. The evidence in support of a momentum effect supplied in this report too suggests that expected price patterns could be utilized

Rejections of the expectations hypothesis

The main objective in this project is to take a look at the rejection of the expectations hypothesis within a New Keynesian business cycle model. Earlier studies suggest that the Lucas general equilibrium asset pricing model cannot take into account sign nor magnitude of average risk premia in forward prices, and is helpless to clarify rejection of the expectations hypothesis.

Corporate Spinoffs Project Report

In this project report you can learn about variables which result in corporate spinoffs along with the short and medium term risk and return which corporate spinoffs yield. A spin-off or a starburst is a type of corporate action where a company “splits off” sections of itself as a separate business. Some topics discussed in this project are: portfolio theory, capital asset pricing model, risk and return relation, post-spinoff, etc.