Creation of a Balanced Scorecard for Regionförbundet

A Balanced Scorecard technique requires you to have a holistic view of an corporation and co-ordinate so that efficiencies are experienced by all sections. The balanced scorecard is a strategy performance management tool – a semi-standard structured report, backed up by design methods and automation tools, which could be employed by managers to keep tabs on the execution of activities by the employees within their control as well as to keep an eye on the outcomes arising from these activities.  Lets have a look at this video on Strategic Planning with the Balanced Scorecard…….


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem discussion
1.3 Research question
1.4 Aim
1.5 Disposition
1.6 Timeframe
2 Presentation of Regionförbundet
2.1 Position and role of the counte councils in Sweden
2.2 Presentation of Regionförbundet
3 Methodology
3.1 Scientific perspective
3.2 Scientific approach
3.3 Research method
3.4 Case Study
3.5 Action Research
3.6 Data collection
3.7 Scientific credibility
3.7.1 Validity
3.7.2 Reliability
3.8 Summary
4 Theoretical framework
4.1 Non-profit organization
4.1.1 Definition and characteristics
4.1.2 Strategic planning
4.1.3 Performance Measurement
4.2 Balanced Scorecard
4.2.1 Internal perspective
4.2.2 Customer perspective
4.2.3 Innovation and learning perspective
4.2.4 Financial perspective
4.2.5 Differentiation to non-profit organizations
4.3 Entrepreneurship
4.4 Key performance indicators
4.5 Process Improvement
4.6 Project Management
4.6.1 Phases of projects
4.6.2 Selection and evaluation of projects
4.7 Summary of theoretically framework
5 Empirical data
5.1 Vision and mission
5.2 Process for project funding at Regionförbundet
5.3 The projects
5.3.1 Young enterprise
5.3.2 Transfer of ownership
5.3.3 To evolve with design
5.3.4 Student contact
6 Concluding chapter
6.1 Analysis
6.1.1 Non–profit organizations and the BSc
6.1.2 First draft of the Balanced Scorecard
6.1.3 Theoretical connection
6.2 Test the Balanced Scorecard
6.2.1 Introduction to how to use the Balanced Scorecard
6.2.2 Test „Young entreprise
6.2.3 Test „Transfer of ownership
6.2.4 Test „To evolve with design
6.2.5 Test „Student contact
6.3 Discussion
6.3.1 Balanced Scorecard
6.3.2 Process
7 Conclusion……..

Source: Vaxjo University

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