Internationalization of the Ethnic Food Industry

Small companies from newly emerging markets are usually limited in their growth strategy by lack of market in their own countries. This is mainly due to low purchasing power of the population in their countries. Therefore the companies seek possibilities to grow by establishing themselves on foreign markets. However, due to insufficient resources, the SMEs are not in a position to do enough research on the nature of the new environment they will be faced with. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the internationalization of the ethnic food industry and to analyze how a small foreign company manufacturing ethnic food can position itself strategically. We have used a South African SME — Ethnic Cuisine Investment Ltd (ECI) as our case company. In order to analyze the elements of importance in ECI’s strategy…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Research Problem
1.3 The Food Industry – Global Perspective
1.4 Problem Statement
1.5 The Purpose
1.6 Case Company – Eci
1.7 Delimitation
1.8 Definitions
1.9 Acronyms
1.10 The Outline Thesis – Internationalization of the Ethnic Food Industry
2 Methodology
2.1 Research Strategy
2.2 Case Study Design
2.3 The Case Study
2.4 The Method
2.5 Data Collection
2.6 Triangulation
2.7 Data Analysis
2.8 Evaluation Of Our Research Results
3 Theoretical Framework
3.1 Macro And Micro Environmental Analysis
3.2 Networks Institutional Model Modified
3.3 Organizational Fields
3.4 Industry Analysis Model
3.5 Substitutes
3.6 Industry Development Phase
3.7 Entry Challenges
3.8 Opportunities
3.9 Research Model
4 Macroenvironment
4.1 Economic Factors
4.2 Socio-Cultural Factors
4.3 Technology
5 Microenvironment
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Food Industry In Sweden
5.3. Government Regulations On Food Industry
5.4 Industry Structure
5.5 Catering Sector
5.6 Manufacturers & Importing Firms
5.7 Distribution Of Ethnic Food In Sweden – Intermediaries
5.8 Consumers/End-Users
6 Analysis Of Empirical Results
6.1 Macro Environment
6.2 Microenvironment
6.3 Actors
6.4 Conclusions Of The Industry Analysis
7 How Can Eci Position Itself Strategically…
7. 2 Conclusions Of The Chapter
8 Conclusions, Recommendations And Areas Of Future Research…

Source: Goteborg University

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