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Transaction scheduling and concurrency control for time critical applications

This report discusses about transaction scheduling and concurrency control in time critical systems. In a time critical application, the transactions are linked to time constraints on their completion times. It is essential to the effectiveness of the system to meet the time constraints of the transactions. After understanding their system attributes, we’ve uncovered a pair of factors that may significantly impact the predictability in transaction execution in these systems.

Alternative Methods Of Financing Software – Replacing Illegal Copying With Free Copying

The software industry’s greatest and most critical issue is software piracy. The majority of efforts to cease illegal copying of software didn’t work. Alternative ways to eliminate software piracy must therefore be found and some are presently being employed. These methods include alternative methods of financing software solutions as opposed to attempting to stop illegal copying.

Web Document Analysis and its Application to Anti-phishing

The Web is evolving at an incredible speed and it is now the largest information and knowledge database. Numerous web documents are gathered, which need programmed processing and examination for smart applications. In this dissertation, we investigate the web document analysis approach and also create an application to anti-phishing. For Web document analysis, a visual factor based page segmentation approach is suggested and implemented.