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Simplifying procurement process through e-commerce in B2B market of Iran

Electronic business is the process which uses Internet technology to simplify certain company processes, improve productivity and increase efficiency. Podlogar (2006) points some facts about process reengineering that are strongly connected to the process simplification, including: awareness of technology opportunities, ability to

The role of network marketing in international logistic companies’ business development; an analysis of manager’s perceptions

As the Business environment becomes more and more competitive, companies are forced to push themselves to a very edge of their capabilities. Ultimately the success of the companies relies on their human resources and business and marketing strategies which can help them

The effect of internal marketing on organizational commitment: an investigation among state-owned banks inIsfahan, Iran

The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the effects of aspects of internal marketing on organizational commitment of employees. The research was conducted among managers of state-owned banks situated in the city of Isfahan, Iran. Internal marketing is growing recognition of