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Selection of expatriates – The influence of HR managers’ gender and personal traits

Due to increased internationalisation around the world the expatriate rate has grown significantly during the last years and has become a more important tool within organisations. Therefore, the need for expatriates increases and it is of importance for organisations to broaden their expatriate base and not exclude particular groups of employees, such as women are today.

Managing conflict in cross-functional project teams in Hong Kong

Review of literature of the last few decades has revealed that little research on conflict management has been conducted in the Hong Kong manufacturing industry despite Hong Kong being one of the world’s most competitive economy. Noting the increasing use of the matrix organisational structure recently in Hong Kong industry, this study investigates how today’s project support personnel from either marketing

Human Resource Planning (HRP)

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is actually a complicated topic, especially in the course of progressively turbulent business environments offering a lot more discontinuities, which raises the stress involving the better requirement for planning and the increased complications of forecast. Although a complicated topic, the main objective is simple, HRP is concerned with keeping the right people, with the right skills in the appropriate places at the correct time.

HRM in Project Organisations: Challenges and Changes

This project is about human resource management HRM in project organisations. Firms have during the last decades tended to rely increasingly on project-based structures. This technique of projectification implies a changed work situation for individuals in modern day organisations. Researchers from the project field of research as well as from the HRM field of research have pointed to possible implications that projectification may have for HRM.