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Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era

Developing countries like India have been using import of technology through foreign collaboration as a strategy to bridge the technological gaps in the country, to expedite economic development. There have not been many studies, however, to understand its impact and implications for

The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model

Global business teams are a critical component of the strategic management process of multinational corporations. In the context of this dissertation, they are defined as teams of managers who are responsible for a business or a function across several countries. Given their

The global political economy of transnational corporations: a theory of asymmetric interdependence

The aim of the thesis is to investigate the interdependency relation between transnational corporations and states, as actors in the international political arena. The thesis extracts a theory of asymmetric interdependence, which to some extent explains the nature of this relation. Transnational

Internationalization of Nordic banks: two case studies

Internationalization poses great challenges for banks: competing with each other in different regions and offering competitive services. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of Nordic banks’ internationalization strategies. Three research questions were posed: How can the motives