Actuators for autonomous microrobots

This thesis presents actuators used in autonomous microsystems. Characteristic for all actuators presented is the low drive voltage and the low power consumption. Different motion mechanisms have been studied and applied in various locomotion modules for microrobots…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
2 Autonomous microrobots
2.1 Introduction to microrobots
2.2 The MiCRoN robots
2.2.1 Contributions to the MiCRoN robot
2.3 The I-SWARM robots
2.3.1 Contributions to the I-SWARM robots
3 Materials
3.1 Actuator materials
3.2 Piezoelectricity
3.2.1 PZT
3.2.2 PVDF and its copolymers
4 Multilayer fabrication processes
4.1 Wet building of PZT multilayers
4.2 Fabrication of monolithic multilayer P(VDF-TrFE) structures
4.2.1 Composite cantilever structures
4.2.2 Microstructuring of P(VDF-TrFE)
5 Motion Mechanisms
5.1 Quasi-static walking mechanisms
5.1.1 MiCRoN locomotion module
5.1.2 MiCRoN rotational tool actuator
5.2 Resonant tapping mechanism
5.2.1 Resonant piezoceramic locomotion module
5.2.2 I-SWARM copolymer locomotion module
6 Integration
6.1 FPC building technology
7 Conclusions

Author: Snis, Niklas

Source: Uppsala University Library

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