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Modularised Passenger Seats

In this project we will discuss about the Modularised Passenger Seats. The aim of this report is to develop 3 unique automobile seat concepts with concentration on modularisation, features and manufacturing. The unique elements are: a collapsible passenger seat, which is easy to foldup, a bench for 2 passengers, plus a relaxing seat for resting in the course of breaks in case the automobile is parked.

Fresh Water and Bioenergy

Fresh water is a major natural resource but it is limited. The purpose of this research is to quantify the bond between fresh water and bioenergy. We will discuss about Energy system, Agriculture system, Water system, water footprint of energy from biomass and much more in this report.

WOSP – Wireless Open Source Platform

Our key aim in this project was to study Wireless Open Source Platform (WOSP). Currently, the hot spot in the market of embedded systems are opening up the systems so that the entire world around can connect with it. The idea of this thesis is to present a solution to wirelessly open up an embedded system to the world. The primary job in this project is to create a prototype for machine-to-machine applications.

Marine Current Energy Conversion System

In this thesis our primary goal was to study the efficiency of extremely low speed direct drive permanent magnet generators for energy conversion from marine and tidal currents. Various factors concerned with the modelling of these generators along with their electro-magnetic modelling utilizing the finite element simulations are given. We will study about a Marine Current Energy Conversion System.

Real Time Systems and Soft Computing

Our main objective in this project is to investigate the potential of using soft computing properties of kernels for real time systems. The key feature of soft computations is that they are able to provide cruder results before they complete, or they may execute for a long period refining a formerly adequate result. This thesis relates to the design issues involving developing a system which makes use of the soft computing qualities of kernels to boost real time performance.