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Engineering Feelings of Quality

There is an increasing emphasis on developing systematical research approaches for design of products that appeal to people’s emotions and values. This thesis proposes methodological developments for investigating people’s subjective emotional needs and values towards quality and explores interactions of related physical design attributes for product design.

Leaking rear axles: a design for Six Sigma project at General Motors

The issue for the project is that some of the rear axles for General Motors GMT800 and GMT900 are found to be leaking. Most of the leaks are spotted already at the paint facility Paint Tech International (PTI), but some make it all the way to the customer before being spotted. The leaks are normally discovered as a wet spot around the vent tube area on the differential, or in more severe cases as a puddle of lube around the pinion flange.

A feasibility study of the total quality management in hospitality industry with a case study in Esfahan Hotels

This study results in better acknowledgement of essential success factors of TQM implementation in hotels that have a few advantages to provide better service to customers. The advantages of offering increased service quality have impact on both hotel sector and customers. A few of these benefits are, competitive advantages, management leadership, continues improvement, work development, reduce costs and economic profits..

International product development in automotive industry: mapping and improvement suggestions from a customer satisfaction perspective

Getrag All Wheel Drive AB (GAWD) in Köping, Sweden today develops, manufactures and sells All Wheel Drive (AWD) systems to the private car industry. However it has not always been like this. Before 2004, the very same plant was a subsidiary company