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Web caching systems

In this report we are going to discuss Web caching systems. Actually web caching is usually regarded as a powerful approach to boost World wide web efficiency which makes it scalable. In this report, we have a look at the design and evaluation of Web caching systems. To eliminate the problem of bombarded proxy servers, we advise a site-based dispatching technique.

Online Activity Matching using Wireless Sensor Network

In this project our main intent is to investigate the application of Wireless Sensor Networks to carry out online activity matching for sports coaching applications. We wish to discover at least one suitable algorithm to match the movement of a trainer and to find spatial and temporal differences. This type of system can undoubtedly assist the trainer in group lessons where it actually is tough for the trainer to keep a record of all the trainees.

WOSP – Wireless Open Source Platform

Our key aim in this project was to study Wireless Open Source Platform (WOSP). Currently, the hot spot in the market of embedded systems are opening up the systems so that the entire world around can connect with it. The idea of this thesis is to present a solution to wirelessly open up an embedded system to the world. The primary job in this project is to create a prototype for machine-to-machine applications.

A policy based Mobile Base Unit (MBU) control system using OSGi

In this project we are going to talk about a policy based mobile base unit (MBU) control system that makes use of OSGi framework which is a type of service oriented architecture. We will also discuss about OSGi framework layer model and OSGi services. The Mobile Base Unit (MBU) performs as a gateway between a body area network and the network employed by health providers.

Next Generation Networks services: IP Routing

In this project report we are going to discuss next generation networks services based on IP Routing. Next Generation Networks services form the beginning of a whole new age of innovative and cost-effective services where clients will experience significant new service offerings in addition to cost savings in their usage bills for these kinds of services. Some topics discussed in this report are: Next Generation Networks Architecture, Next Generation Network Switches, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Application Protocol, etc.

Dynamic Reconfiguration with Virtual Services

We present a new architecture (virtual services) and accompanying implementation for dynamically adapting and reconfiguring the behavior of network services. Virtual services are a compositional middleware system that transparently interposes itself between a service and a client, overlaying new functionality with configurations of modules organized into processing chains.