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Online Revenue Models: Internet and Media Sector

We are all aware that Internet has transformed the strategic and commercial opportunities for many organizations in the media sector drastically. A perfect example is the change for the publishers. Democratization of the content generation and free existence of information ...

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Knowledge Management System: Case Match Maker Limited

In this project, we will study about Knowledge Management System in a company. In simple terms, a Knowledge Management System is an IT based system for managing knowledge in companies. Some topics discussed in this project are: KMS implementation in ...

Project category: Management Misc
Knowledge Transfer Approach a project report

This is a project titled "Unpacking stickness : from the perspective of knowledge transfer approach". Knowledge transfer is crucial to businesses in today’s knowledge-based economy. Nevertheless, there exists a gap in the books in understanding knowledge transfer. This gap depends ...

Project category: Management Misc
Effects of night shift schedules on nurses working in a private hospital in South Africa

This research was completed in 2 nursing homes in South Africa. The main domain of this research is to figure out effect of night shift routines on health and psychosocial issues with nurses operating in private hospitals. The objective is ...

Project category: Management Misc
Adapting manufacturing strategy to industrial after-sales service operations

This project began from a higher consciousness within industry of the usefulness of services in general and of after-sales services particularly. The scope of this study is to examine how certain attributes of after-sales services have an effect on a ...

Project category: Management Misc
Bidding strategy using multivariate distribution and EM algorithm

In a number of industries, a significant percentage of business is acquired by means of aggressive sealed bidding. Construction contracts undoubtedly are a common instance of this. In Hong Kong, construction market is a significant business and there are more ...

Project category: Management Misc
IT-enabled organizational agility and firms’ competitive success

In the recent times, Organizational agility has gained quite a lot of interest because it is viewed as a major business capability that enables organizations to reply flexibly in today’s fast changing business environment. Nevertheless, it is still cloudy as ...

Project category: IT General, Management Misc
Knowledge Integration in Product Development Projects

This dissertation is interested with knowledge integration in product development projects. Knowledge integration is conceptualized of as processes of goal-oriented interrelating with the objective of taking advantage of knowledge complementarities present between people with differentiated knowledge bases. Knowledge integration is ...

Project category: Management Misc
Economic conventions: essays in institutional evolution

The common property of the difficulty situations fundamental to these examples is the desirability in every case for a person to conform to the pattern of behavior followed by the majority of individuals. If you assume the majority of individuals ...

Project category: Management Misc
Strategic sourcing in the Hong Kong toy industry

Since the 1980s numerous Hong Kong toy businesses have moved their manufacturing locations to China to be able to get benefit from not just low labour and land expenses, but additionally a good enough labour force, a situation that is ...

Project category: Management Misc

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