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The Impact of Inflation on Business and Trade: a case study of Ghana and Canada

The thesis looks at the relationship between inflation, interest rate, exchange rate and GDP for a developed country (Canada) and a developing country (Ghana). Through a detailed literature search looking at the economies of Ghana and Canada as well as ...

Microinsurance : A Case Study in Cambodia

This dissertation is the outcome of a minor field research carried out during January through March 2008 in rural Cambodia. The research placed the microinsurance scheme run by a French non-government corporation in Cambodia under examination. Particularly, the existence of ...

Project category: Economics
Russian Banking Report

The objective of this report is to cautiously evaluate the size of public sector within the Russian banking industry. We have identified Seventy eight state-influenced banks. For the state-owned banks, we separate those that are owned by Central Bank of ...

Project category: Economics
Corporate Spinoffs Project Report

In this project report you can learn about variables which result in corporate spinoffs along with the short and medium term risk and return which corporate spinoffs yield. A spin-off or a starburst is a type of corporate action ...

Project category: Economics, Finance
Term Structure of Interest Rates

In this paper we report the currently employed term structure estimation method in the Bank of Finland and we also discuss interpretation of the final results it produces. First we will introduce 2 extensively utilized term structure estimation methods: the ...

Project category: Economics, Finance
Islamic banks in the United Kingdom: Growth in the 21st century

This project is onĀ IslamicĀ banks in the UK. Islamic finance continues to grow throughout the world. At a projected 15% growth in assets annually, it outpaced the expansion of standard banks. But without doubt Islamic finance remains to be in its ...

Project category: Economics
Public pension and household saving: Evidence from China

In this paper, we associate domestic saving to pension reform, to go into detail about the high household saving rates in urban China from a different viewpoint. We make use of the exogenous - strategy induced - variation in pension ...

Project category: Economics
Money, Barter and Inflation in Russia

Using cointegration and error-correction models, this report examines the relative influences of the monetary, labour and foreign sectors on Polish inflation from 1990 to 1999. After the development of a theoretical framework, we make use of a structural system technique ...

Project category: Economics
Public employment and the double role of bureaucrats

Bureaucrats in the government sector have a double role since they are both suppliers and demanders of public employment; they are publicly employed (supply labor) and they have an important say in deciding the size of the municipal employment (demand ...

Project category: Economics
Housing monetarization reform in China : a case study of Guiyang

Urban housing reform is considered to be probably the most challenging aspects of the Chinese economic reforms due to the great significance on the livelihood of all urban residents. Its development and advancement continues to be slow and progressive over ...

Project category: Economics

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