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Managing conflict in cross-functional project teams in Hong Kong

Review of literature of the last few decades has revealed that little research on conflict management has been conducted in the Hong Kong manufacturing industry despite Hong Kong being one of the world’s most competitive economy. Noting the increasing use of the matrix organisational structure recently in Hong Kong industry, this study investigates how today’s project support personnel from either marketing

Attitude is the key to self-employment: analysis of student’s attitudes towards self-employment using the Theory of Planned Behavior

The purpose of this thesis was to explore the role of attitudinal obstacles and facilitators of the students at Luleå University of Technology to becoming self-employed. This was conducted through Icek Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior which measures behavioral antecedents; intentions, attitudes,

Measuring Collective Mindfulness and Exploring Its Nomological Network

Collective mindfulness was conceptualized as a prerequisite to achieving organizational reliability in the face of complexity and tight coupling. However, researchers have yet to measure collective mindfulness, precluding an assessment of its construct validity… Contents Introduction High Reliability Organizations Safety and Customer