Attention to Advertising

In advertising, capturing consumers’ attention is imperative. Yet, how attention to advertising works in a World Wide Web context has not been researched extensively. This area is the main focus of this research.The World Wide Web is an interactive medium which has characteristics that deviate from traditional media channels…


Chapter One:Attention to Advertising
Why study Web advertising
A background and knowledge platform
Placing Web advertising in a broader context
The Internet, the World Wide Web and contexts
Advertising and attention getting on the WWW
Modeling attention to Web advertising
Measuring advertising on the Web and pricing methods
Outline of the dissertation
Chapter Two:Theoretical Framework
The origin of advertising
What is advertising and what is a Web advertisement?
The Web is growing important
Advertising is taking place in a setting
Outcomes of advertising
Putting the parts together
Central concepts in advertising
Models describing advertising
The World Wide Web as an advertising vehicle
Web advertisements are placed on the World Wide Web
The advertisement
The Web dimension of advertisements
The concept of attention
How the attention system operates
Advertising, attention and media
Measuring cdvertising – click-through and pricing
This chapter
Chapter Three:Formulating Hypotheses
First section – attention effects of context
Second section – advertisements and their respective attention effect
Second section extended
Modelling attention to Web advertising
Third section – measurement and pricing
Other effects regarding Web advertising
Chapter Four:Research Method
The essence of an experiment
Overall design
The design of the experiments
The main measures used
The experimental setting – the lab
Instructions and procedures
The survey
The “exit poll”
Validity and reliability
Logistic regression analysis
Analysis of variance – ANOVA
Operationalization of hypotheses
Chapter Five: Results and Analysis
First section
Second section
Impact of external context factors on attention….


Author: Nilsson, Carl Patrik

Source: Umea University

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Keywords: Projects, Dissertation, Thesis, Project Reports

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