Micelles of Polybutadiene-b-Poly(Ethylene Oxide) in a Binary Solvent System

We studied the assembly behavior of a polybutadiene-b-poly(ethylene oxide) diblock copolymer in methanol, cyclohexane, and the corresponding partially miscible binary solvent system. Dynamic light scattering indicates that the copolymer forms coexisting spherical and cylindrical micelles in both of the pure solvents. In the binary solvent system…


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Theory
2.1 Micelle Formation in Selective Solvents
2.2 Liquid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium
2.3 Block Copolymer Micelle Formation in Coexisting Liquid Phases
Chapter 3: Experiments
3.1 Materials
3.2 Sample Preparation
3.3 Capacitance Measurement
3.4 Dynamic Light Scattering
3.5 Determination of Micelle Configuration using Molecular Probes
3.6 Measurement of Copolymer Distribution by Size Exclusion Chromatography
Chapter 4: Results
4.1 Pure Solvents
4.1.1 Molecular Probe Results
4.1.2 Dynamic Light Scattering Results Methanol Cyclohexane
4.1.3 Capacitance Measurement
4.2 Binary Solvent
4.2.1 Size Exclusion Chromatography Results
4.2.2 Dynamic Light Scattering Results Critical Solvent Composition Off-Critical Solvent Composition
Chapter 5: Discussion
5.1 Conclusions
5.2 Recommendations for Future Work

Author: Ploetz, Christopher D

Source: University of Maryland

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