An evaluation method for Business Process Management products

Business Process Management (BPM) is a management discipline targeted at explaining and managing the business processes within an enterprise. The purpose of Business Process Management is to attain the organization’s goals by aligning the business processes with these goals and also to consistently strengthen these processes. Despite the fact that there are numerous providers supplying BPM products, there isn’t any scientific approach currently available to judge these kinds of products and to do a comparison. This dissertation suggests an assessment means for Business Process Management products. This technique was created by making a framework on BPM by inspecting the state of the literature regarding BPM. This framework consists of literature and criteria which have been obtained from this literature.


1 Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Research Objectives
1.3 Research Approach
1.4 Report Structure
2 Business Process Management
2.1 Definition onĀ Business Process Management
2.2 Explicit Process Management
2.3 Importance of Business Process Management
3 BPM Framework
3.1 Strategy Development
3.2 Discovery
3.3 Modelling
3.4 Design
3.5 Deployment
3.6 Operation
3.7 Analysis
4 Definition of the Method
4.1 Criteria Selection
4.2 Case Description
4.3 Using the Selected Criteria
4.4 Rating the Products
4.5 Selected Products for Testing the Method
5 Oracle BPM Suite
5.1 Suite Description
5.2 Business Process Modelling
5.3 Key-Performance Indicators
5.4 Executable Business Process Models
5.5 Programming Languages
5.6 Designing User Interfaces
5.7 User Management
5.8 Informing the User
5.9 Technical Monitoring and Control
5.10 Business Monitoring
5.11 Business Control
5.12 Evaluation Summary
6 Cordys BPMS
6.1 Suite Description
6.2 Business Process Modelling 536.3 Key-Performance Indicators
6.4 Executable Business Process Models
6.5 Programming Languages
6.6 Designing User Interfaces
6.7 User Management
6.8 Informing the User
6.9 Technical Monitoring and Control
6.10 Business Monitoring
6.11 Business Control
6.12 Evaluation Summary
7 IBM WebSphere BPM
7.1 Suite Description
7.2 Business Process Modelling
7.3 Key-Performance Indicators
7.4 Executable Business Process Models
7.5 Programming Languages
7.6 Designing User Interfaces
7.7 User Management
7.8 Informing the User
7.9 Technical Monitoring and Control
7.10 Business Monitoring
7.11 Business Control
7.12 Evaluation Summary
8 Products Comparison
9 Conclusions…..

Source: University of Twente

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