The execution of carbon fibre reinforced polymer strengthening work

As composite materials find increasing use in infrastructure applications where the design lives are typically long, the issue of durability becomes more critical. The most damaging factor faced by CFRP reinforcement is the environment from which steel reinforcement in concrete is shielded automatically. In this report, effort has been put to describe the method of execution of CFRP strengthening works. The various external factors such as quality of the concrete surface, temperature conditions, humidity effect, effect of dynamic response with the movement of traffic, impact resistance of composites, that affect the process of strengthening of concrete structures using CFRP are studied with the help of literature available in the field.

The first chapter gives an introduction of CFRP materials and methods of execution of CFRP laminate, sheet and rod strengthening systems along with examples of its practical application at various sites. The second chapter consists of a study of the quality of the concrete surface, temperature conditions, humidity effect, and effect of dynamic response with the movement of traffic that is necessary to consider for best result in terms of strong strengthening. With the understanding of all these studied factors the range of application areas of CFRP strengthening system can be increased and strengthening methods can be furthermore improved. The third chapter give details of various processes that are actually carried out at site during the execution work, considerations regarding temperature and humidity on site and impact of traffic on the composite reinforcement which is a new problem emerging in this strengthening technique. In the fourth chapter monitoring of strain and deformation is studied that is necessary for evaluation of the strengthening effect. The last chapter consists of the conclusions from the whole study.

Author: Ojha, Aradhana

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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