The ability of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC’s) to operate with carbonaceous fuels depends on their ability to oxidize CO through direct electrochemical oxidation and/or water-gas-shift reactions with subsequent H2 electrochemical oxidation


1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
1.2. SOFC Materials
1.2.1 SOFC Electrolytes
1.2.2 SOFC Cathode Materials
1.2.3 SOFC Anode Materials
1.3. Electrochemical Oxidation in SOFC Anodes
1.4. Patterned Anodes for Exploring SOFC Chemistry
1.5. Objectives of Thesis
2. Experimental Setup
2.1. MEA Fabrication Assembly
2.1.1. Electrolyte and Cathode Fabrication
2.1.2. Patterned Anode Fabrication
2.2. Experimental Setup
2.3. Electrochemical Measurements
2.3.1. Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements
2.3.2. Voltammetry
2.4. Experimental Conditions
3. Experimental Challenges of Patterned Anodes
3.1. Patterned Anode Stability
3.2. Isolating Anode Contributions
3.3. Accounting for Three Phase Boundary and Ni Area Effects
3.4. Summary of Experimental Challenges
4. H2 Electrochemical Oxidation
4.1. Review of Past Results
4.2. Experimental Conditions
4.3. Voltammetry Studies
4.4. Impedance Measurements
4.5. Discussion and Analysis
5. CO Electrochemical Oxidation
5.1. Review of Past Results
5.2. Experimental Conditions
5.3. Voltammetry Studies
5.4. Impedance Measurements
5.5. Discussion and Analysis
5.5.1. Effect of Applied Overpotential
5.5.2. Effect of Temperature and Humidity
5.5.3. Effect of Electrode Geometry
5.5.4. Effect of CO2 Concentration
5.6. Suggested CO Electrochemical Reaction on the Ni Surface
6. Modeling Three Phase Boundary Processes
6.1. Model Development (State Space Model)
6.1.1. Model Governing Equations
6.1.2. Solution Approach
6.2. Exploring CO Electrochemical Mechanisms with State Space Model
6.2.1. Model of V-i Linear Sweep Voltammetry
6.2.2. Surface Coverage of Species
6.2.3. Model of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
7. Conclusions
7.1. Summary of Significant Findings
7.2. Recommendations for Further Research

Author: Habibzadeh, Bahman

Source: University of Maryland

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