Code generation for devices: how much is possible to generate and is it time saving?

Explizit is a consult company that offers the customer development of software for everything between big systems to individual products. They usually take responsibility for everything in the projects. That includes project management and development, because then the projects can be executed in their own computer environment. They have lots of experience around wireless communication, Intra/Internet and client/server solutions. Today they are 40 employees and they have offices in Skellefteå, Malmö and Gothenburg. Explizit is a part of Argentum Group. Explizit has developed systems for capturing and collecting data from different measurement devices. The problem is when new measurement devices is added to the system. It is very time consuming to code the data capturing, a new module to the GUI and the connection to the SQL-server. So the big questions are: * How much of this code is possible to automatically generate? * Will it be time saving? * Will the quality of the code be higher when generated or when it is manually programmed? Things to look at to find a solution: * We must select a pulse watch with support for both GPS and bluetooth. * How does the communication protocol for the watch work? * Which description language should be used for describing the device? * How will we design the layout of the description of the device? * What code needs to be generated for the GUI? * What code needs to be generated for the database connection? * What code needs to be generated for the device communication? * Where will the generator get it’s code from? Hardcoded or separate file? * How complex GUI will the generator need?

Author: Holmstrand, Mikael; Persson Robert

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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