Men compete, women collaborate A study on collaborative vs. competitive communication styles in mixed-sex conversation

This study is about to see if there are any similarities and differences between male speakers and female speakers in mixed-gender conversations with a special focus on the use of so-called collaborative communication styles and competitive communications styles.


1. Introduction
1.1 Aim
1.2 Material
1.3 Method
2. Theoretical background
2.1 Communication
2.2 Conversation
2.2.1 Collaborative communication
2.2.2 Competitive communication
2.3 Factors which influence the use of collaborative and competitive style
2.3.1 Minimal responses and backchannel items
2.3.2 Interruptions
2.3.3 Overlaps
2.4 Female speakers
2.5 Males speakers
3. Results and Analysis
3.1 Minimal responses
3.2 Interruptions
3.3 Overlaps
4. Conclusion
List of References

Author: Ersoy, Selma

Source: Kristianstad University

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