A Measurement Tool for Consumption Pattern of Hand wiping Tissue Paper

Due to environmental concerns and competition within the industry there is an imminent need by paper manufacturers to asses the paper consumption depending on the quality of the tissue paper. For this purpose, the consumption of tissue paper from a tissue vending machine needs to be monitored and calculated. A Hall Effect Sensor coupled with a Passive Infrared Sensor was used to monitor the flow of paper per Person. MATLAB is used as the programming language to read the signals from the sensors. The consumption obtained would be used to obtain better, less bulky design models. As well deduce an optimum paper dimensions to get reduce the paper consumption. Also, the FEM was done in ABAQUS for better blade design of Hand wiping system.


1 Notation
2 Introduction and Aim
2.1 Limitations
2.1.1 Assumptions
2.2 Methodology
3 Background and Overview of Thesis Work
4 Product Description
4.1 Hand Wiping System
5 Experimental Design
5.1 Indication of Paper Consumption
5.1.1 Hall Effect Sensor principle
5.1.2 Magnetic gear tooth sensing
5.1.3 IC Max233
5.2 Detection of Persons Entering the Room
5.2.1 PIR Sensor
5.3 Programming in MATLAB
5.4 Working Model
6 Simulations
6.1 Introduction and Aim
6.2 Working Model of H1 System
6.3 Modelling the Blade Cutter Process in H1 System
6.4 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
6.5 Introduction to ABAQUS
6.6 Simulations in ABAQUS
6.6.1 Pre processing Part Geometry Material Properties Elements Load and Boundary Conditions Steps in Model Construction
6.6.2 Post processing
7 Conclusion and Further Work
8 References

Author: Achanta Srinivas

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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