Is Customer Club a Useful Tool in Creating Customer Loyalty: A Case Study of Stadium

Developing a relationship between the customer and the organization is crucial. Businesses are recognizing that loyal customers are coming back and are not just increasing sales through repeat purchase, but is also reducing the expense of acquiring new clients that surpasses the cost of keeping old ones. One tool employed by organizations to keep customers loyal is loyalty programmes, an example being customer clubs. As other loyalty activities the customer clubs primary goal is to develop long-term relationships with the customers. In the the past few years the numbers of customer clubs has grown significantly and something which was viewed as exclusive and a “new” way to get customer loyalty is nowadays found everywhere, in every single industry. With the notion that customer clubs are nowadays more like a common feature than something distinctive, directed us to the intent behind this dissertation, to draw conclusions on if Stadium’s customer club, the Stadium Card, is a great tool in creating customer loyalty…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Why Stadium for our Case Study?
1.3 Problem Statement
1.4 Purpose
1.5 Research Questions
2 Theoretical Framework
2.1 Customer Value
2.2 Relationship Marketing
2.3 Customer Loyalty
2.3.1 Four Types of Loyalty
2.3.2 Economic Value Creation with Customer Loyalty
2.4 Measuring Loyalty
2.5 Loyalty Programs
2.5.1 History of Loyalty Programs
2.5.2 Benefits and Goals of Loyalty Programs
2.6 What is a Customer Club?
2.6.1 Different Types of Customer Clubs – Open and Limited
2.6.2 Types of Rewards in Customer Clubs
2.6.3 Target Groups for Customer Clubs
2.6.4 Recent Frequent Monetary Analysis
3 Method
3.1 Research Approach
3.2 Case Study
3.3 Validity and Reliability
3.4 The Interview with Johan Swärdh, Manager of Stadium Card
3.5 Selection of Respondents
3.6 The Questionnaire
3.6.1 Question One to Seven
3.6.2 Question Seven to Eight
3.6.3 Question Eleven to Eighteen
3.6.4 Question Nineteen
3.6.5 Question Twenty
4 Empirical Framework – Stadium
4.1 The Past and Present of Stadium
4.2 Stadium’s Marketing Approach
4.3 Stadium Card
4.3.1 Bonus System
4.3.2 The Purpose of Stadium Card
5 Results and Analysis
5.1 Sex and Age
5.2 Time and Frequency
5.3 Member vs. Non-member
5.4 Preferred Communication Channel
5.5 Recommendation
5.6 Influenced by Membership
5.7 Important Criteria
5.8 What Would Change Buying Behavior
5.9 Four Types of Loyalty…

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