E-billing services for the business-to-business market: case studies of Swedish companies buying behavior

The purpose of this thesis was to investigate how the organization buying behavior can be characterized when purchasing an electronic billing service for the business-to-business market. My ambition was to achieve the purpose by investigating firm’s buying process, buying center, factors that affects the buying process and the buying center and firm’s purposes of using an e- billing service. In order to fulfill the purpose, I made case studies at three Swedish companies that recently have begun to use an e-billing service for the business-to-business market. Telephone interviews were conducted with representatives at, Bilisten Sverige AB, AB Svenska Shell and Skellefteå municipality. Findings from this study show that the purchase of an e-billing service for the business-to-business market followed a somewhat irrational buying process where the buying center got influenced by technical personnel and the service provider. It further indicates that companies’ main purpose of using the service was to achieve time savings through a more effective invoice handling.

Author: Johansson, Lotta

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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