E-business Logistics: case studies of collaborative supply chain management within companies in Hong Kong

Logistics challenges are a vital fact for businesses to streamline business costs. By making use of e-business, organizations can make revolutionary changes by integrating database systems with one another. The end result will improve present partnerships, grow faster response to market changes, provide information to understand buying patterns, grow collaboration, lead to economies of scale, help make opportunities to broader a range of available products and services, generate possibilities to minimize transaction costs with automation and enhance inventory management. The term e-business logistics is often used nowadays, but how is it in reality? Do subsidiaries take benefit of the new technology to benefit oneself? The objective in this dissertation has been to investigate how subsidiaries in Hong Kong are employing e-business logistics to boost its operations. This research will be based upon a descriptive research with a blend of exploratory characteristics, further on it is a qualitative technique chosen and case study is employed as the research strategy….

The finding pointed out those businesses who are taking advantages of e- business¬†logistics is usually multinational and medium size businesses, while small businesses are unenthusiastic because of the doubt of advantages. Intranet is the system which is utilised to integrate internal suppliers/customers, subsequently part of the intranet information can be reached by external suppliers and customers via the extranet. An alternative solution is to use a web portal, where a total integration occurs between internal and external suppliers and customers…

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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