E-commerce: A study on women’s online purchasing behavior

Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to map out the present behavior of women between 40-55 years concerning Internet shopping. Furthermore, the research aims at finding and analyzing factors that might help marketers when persuading the target group to increase their usage of Internet as a purchasing channel for home textile and decorations.

Background: Along with the increasing usage of computers, E-commerce has emerged as a sales channel, and grows rapidly in Sweden. Due to the high growth rate many companies start up web sites for E-commerce. Hemtex AB followed this trend and started their web shop in October 2008 (S. Lindström, personal communication, 2008-10-30). Studies have shown younger consumers to be more frequent online shoppers than older consumers…


1 Introduction
1.1 Definitions
1.2 Background
1.3 Hemtex information
1.4 Problem
1.5 Purpose
1.6 Research questions
2 Frame of reference
2.1 Previous research
2.2 Technology Acceptance Model, (TAM)
2.2.1 Perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use
2.3 Applying TAM in B2C E-commerce
2.3.1 Trust
2.3.2 Social Presence
2.3.3 Perceived Enjoyment
2.4 Framework for consumers’ intention to shop online
2.4.1 Usefulness
2.4.2 Ease of Use
2.4.3 Enjoyment
2.4.4 Consumer traits
2.4.5 Situational factors
2.4.6 Previous online shopping experiences
2.4.7 Product characteristics
2.4.8 Trust in online shopping
3 Method
3.1 Research approach
3.2 Choice of data collection
3.2.1 Primary Data Collection
3.2.2 Secondary Data Collection
3.3 Sampling
3.3.1 Critical case sampling
3.4 Pre study
3.5 Questionnaire design
3.5.1 How the empirical material of the survey was derived
3.6 The focus group
3.6.1 How the empirical material of the focus group was derived
3.6.2 Limitations of a focus group as a qualitative sampling method
3.7 Data analysis
3.8 Generalizability
3.9 Validity
3.10 Reliability
3.11 Trustworthiness and dependability
3.12 Limitations
4 Empirical findings
4.1 Empirical findings of survey
4.1.1 Computer and Internet experience
4.1.2 Difficulties concerning online purchases
4.1.3 Advantages concerning Internet shopping
4.2 Empirical findings of focus group
5 Analysis
5.1 Research question 1
5.2 Research question 2
5.3 Research question 3
5.4 Research question 4
5.5 Concluding analysis with a focus on the modified TAM’s
5.6 Recommendations for marketers
6 Conclusion
Pre study
Empirical findings appendix

Author: Eliasson, Malin,Holkko Lafourcade, Johanna,Smajovic, Senida

Source: Jönköping University

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