Expressive Generation – Educational Guerilla Marketing

This document is a window into our South African design adventure and examines the question; how should we generate an expressive and dynamic campaign which will succeed in a vibrant city like Cape Town? Under the wing of our assigners at The Frank Joubert Art Centre we created an edgy and interactive campaign for The Expressive Generation Exhibition, that plays with both its environment and its viewer. This in depth study gave birth to a new design concept; Educational Guerrilla Marketing, with the context of involving the young artists and designers in their own exhibition advertisement. So, how did we manage to combine a design examination project with a social-focused SIDA-report and at the same time get a life changing experience? The subsequent pages will paint you the picture.

Contents: Educational Guerilla Marketing

1. Introduction
1.1 Abstract
1.2 Preface
1.3 Design Project
1.4 Division of work
02. Research
2.1 Project brief
The FJAC’s present graphic profle
Target group
2.2 Parties involved
The Frank Joubert Art Centre & – The Ibhabhathane Project
Western Cape Education Department
Schools in the Western Cape/Focus Schools
2.3 Social Research
South Africa – The people, history and culture
Social Campaigns in South Africa
2.4 Practical inspiration
Workshop at the Frank Joubert Art Centre
The Design Discovery Tour 2008 – Lecture and workshop in Khayelitsha
The Design Indaba
InDesign Course
2.5 Design Research
Exhibition Marketing in Cape Town
Graphic Design in Cape Town
Inspirational Ways to Advertise
2.6 Summary
2.7 Analysis
2.8 Conclusion of Research
03. Design Concept
3.1 Expressive Generation – Educational guerrilla marketing
Poster – The thought-provoking
Sticker – The streetwise
Folder – The stretchy
Invite – The VIP
Exhibition merchandise – The bling
Window graphics – The crystal clear
3.2 Graphic elements
Shapes and objects
04. Creative Process
4.1 Work methods
4.2 Scamps and concept development
Early colour schemes and headlines
Format and decorative elements
4.3 Proposals – the ones that didn’t make the cut
4.4 Meetings & guidance – Educational Guerrilla Marketing is born…

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