Emotional Intelligence, Insight, Transference, and Session Outcome

This research analyzed the connection between client emotional intelligence, insight, transference, and session result in a single session of ongoing counseling. Thirty therapists finished a total of Eighty six customer ratings. The outcomes indicate that client emotional intelligence relates to insight and transference. Typically, emotional intelligence forecasted the level of transference above and beyond the predictive power of insight. Furthermore, there’s some proof to indicate that emotional intelligence relates to session outcome. Additionally, the results indicate that insight is a partial mediator of certain dimensions of emotional intelligence and session outcome. Attention, a subscale of emotional intelligence, and negative transference interact to predict session outcome. On the whole, the outcomes failed to support the transference X insight interaction impact on session outcome which was hypothesized. Still, the results indicate that degree of client emotional intelligence impacts the…

Contents: Emotional Intelligence, Insight, Transference, and Session Outcome

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of the Literature
Emotional Intelligence
Psychological Mindedness
Session Outcome
Chapter 3: Statement of the Problem
Chapter 4: Method
Chapter 5: Results
Initial Analyses
Main Analyses…

Emotional Intelligence, Insight, Transference, and Session Outcome

Source: University of Maryland

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