Performance and visual enhancement techniques for real-time 3D graphics

A variety of approaches could be employed to boost real-time 3D graphics. A pair of general parts are present, visual appeal and performance. Several techniques are utilized to boost these 2 components of computer graphics, some of which are talked about in-depth in this report. Shadow volumes with stencil buffers is among the most leading techniques employed today with regards to realistic shadows for real-time 3D applications. This technique to shadowing is the primary topic of this thesis. The next topic centered upon is octrees using portals, which is a technique to increase performance in real-time 3D rendering. Bump mapping is also mentioned.

A few other 3D aspects are also touched upon, principally to focus on the benefits of earlier mentioned approaches in order to exhibit why they were selected as opposed to other available alternatives. The intention of this dissertation is to further improve upon a 3D graphics engine to produce an even more visually pleasing world. Both visual appeal and performance enhancing elements are implemented to develop a dynamically lit environment.

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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