Environmental Security: A conceptual investigating study

Since the end of the Cold War we have seen a variety of changes in the world we live in. The ending of the Cold War put an end to the ‘balance of power’ between the US and the Soviet Union and made way for a new concept of security. In the wake of these troubled times, with a constant fear of nuclear wars and power struggle between the US and in the Soviet Union, a number of scholars started questioning and debating parts of the international relations theory. Even if the environment always has had impact on our everyday lives, it is since the end of the end of the Cold War we see environmental concerns to be an important part of discussions regarding global security.

The purpose of this thesis is to explore the concept of environmental security. A concept that have made way on to the international arena since the end of the Cold War, and have become of more importance since the 1990’s…


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem Formulation and Purpose
2 Method
2.1 Previous Conceptual Investigating Studies
2.2 Literature Selection, Critics, and Material
2.3 Delimitations
2.4 Structure of the Thesis
3 Historical Background to the Concept of Environmental Security
4 Security
4.1 Referent Object of Security
4.2 Security Concept and the Environment
5 Different approaches to the Concept of Environmental Security
5.1 Insecurity and Human Security
5.2 Securitisation and the Copenhagen School
5.3 Differences and similarities between Copenhagen School and Human Security Approach
6 Environmental Change and its Impacts
6.1 Environmental Degradation and Violent Conflict
6.2 Environmental Change and National Security
6.3 Armed Forces and the Environment
6.4 Summary
7 Analysis
8 Conclusion
Internet Sources

Author: Sporring Jonsson, Elin

Source: Jönköping University

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