Equity’ Brand: Evolution of a Brand From Stock Market

Brand Management has been primarily the job of marketing specialists, because brands have so far been seen in context of consumer markets. Many companies have been known for their product brands in the consumer markets but its time now to clearly recognize a company’s markets other than consumer market. Hence, a company must have a brand, which appeals to all its markets including consumer market, stock market, human resource market and supplier & intermediary market. Corporate brand generally evolves from one of the above mentioned markets. In this market it gains strength and then starts appealing to other markets. With economic revolution in India, stock markets are fast moving towards maturity making the companies look at brands in context of stock markets. Brands have started evolving from stock markets. A brand thus evolved is referred to as an ‘equity’ brand by the authors.

Author: Purani, Keyoor, Nair, Abhilash

Source: Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

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