European Security and Defence Policy, or Back to Political Realism?

In the course of this project report I’ll debate the following:

a) ESDP project is an exciting effort and concern issues that stand at the core of the EU integration processes. It relates to the most important and up-to-date development of the EU institutional, conceptual and strategic design, but is yet comparatively unexplored and underdeveloped.
b) The goal of this research would be to assess the initiatives to improve cooperation among European countries in the provision and use of military force. To set the scene and illustrate constrains and complications which bear upon activities in this field. Without a doubt, the writer plans to suggest a theoretical framework, as a fundamental prerequisite for the proper study of EU Defense and Security Policy.
c) Constructivism and neo- Realism and their theoretical tenets present an unexplored avenue to analyze and account for the development of the European Security and Defense Policy.
d) The proficiency of such an account depends upon a meticulous assessment of proposed theoretical techniques versus the emerging security complex. This theoretical choice provides for a construction beyond that of the unit or system levels of analysis and may therefore grant a causal role to perceived interests in terms of non- traditional strategy to research in social science. Also it may thus provoke an interest in terms of security and threat…


Chapter I
1.1 Purpose
1.2 The use of theory
1.3 Method and methodology
1.4 Source Criticism
1.5 Outline of the study
Charter II
European Security and Defense Policy: From Idea to Concept
2.1 Understanding Security
2.2 Conceptualizing ESDP
Legal Bases
Security Environment
2.3 ESDP: Concept or Reality
2.4 Overcoming the Concept-Reality Dichotomy
Chapter III
Power and Disillusion
3.1 Security and Defense Policy in Contemporary-International Relations
3.2 EU Defense Illusions
3.3 A New Objectivity for EU Defense Policy
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Proliferation versus ESDP
Chapter IV
ESDP: Social Construction or Power Politics
4.1 Rethinking Political Realism
4.2 Two Theoretical Approaches versus one Reality
4.3 ESDP: A Realistic Social Constructed Project
Conclusion – ESDP or back to Political Realism?

Source: Linköping University

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