Women’s perception of how female negotiators are different – a multicultural perspective

The purpose of this study was to examine gender role differences in negotiations in China, Italy, Sweden and Turkey. The theoretical frame was derived through research within social sciences; business, psychology and social studies. The empirical study was conducted through a webbased survey in Italy, Sweden and Turkey. Women’s perceptions of gender roles in negotiations were studied and the consistency with the chosen theories was tested. The results for China were based on secondary data. The analysis clearly identifies gender role differences in negotiations as well as cultural differences between the chosen countries. Findings show that female negotiators…


1. Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. Problem Discussion
1.3. Purpose
1.4. Research Questions
1.5. Limitations
1.6. Summary of introduction
1.7. Disposition of thesis
2. Theory
2.1. Silent language of culture
2.1.1. Cross cultural business behavior
2.1.2. Nonverbal ways of communication
2.2. Battle of genders
2.2.1. Chinese culture and gender roles
2.3. Gender roles in consideration to culture
2.4. Summary of theory
3. Method
3.1. Research philosophy
3.2. Scientific research approach
3.3. Data collection
3.4. Research design
3.4.1. Research strategy
3.4.2. Research method
3.5. Summary of methodology
4. Empirical findings
4.1. Design and strateg
4.2. Survey
4.3. Sample selection
4.4. Generalisability
4.5. Validity
4.6. Reliability
4.7. Faced challenges within the research process
4.8. Future research
4.9. Summary of empiric
5. Analysis
5.1. Females in mixed gender negotiations
5.1.1. Summarizing analysis of gender and cultural differences
5.2. Female value compared to male value
5.2.1. Summarizing analysis of gender role values
5.3. Female behavior
5.3.1. Summarizing female behavior
5.4. Inter-cultural business negotiations
5.5. Guide for female negotiators
6. Conclusion
6.1. Summary of thesis
6.2. Conclusions
6.3. Managerial implications
6.4. Final reflections

Author: Kocacenk, Serap

Source: Kristianstad University

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