File transfer using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is among the standards for wireless communication. It is excepted that the volume of services provided over Bluetooth links will speedily grow over the years to come. This puts hard demands on the Bluetooth specification, to maintain the interoperability between services offered from various manufactures. It’s the Bluetooth profile specification which states what’s needed on a Bluetooth application. This dissertation looks into one of the present application profiles, the file transfer application profile and the prerequisites for the implementation of that profile. The file transfer profile requires certain functionality from the underlying profiles and dictates the way that they must be implemented. This dissertation also brings out different layers in the Ericsson Bluetooth PC Reference Stack.

The Graphical user interface (GUI) of the file transfer applications was created like a common FTP application. The requirements of the file transfer application are the capacity to browse a remote folder structure and also to push and pull files. The remote computer determines if the user has read-only or read and write permissions in the shared folders. The server even offers the ability to choose which folders a user gets access to.

The file transfer profile is dependent upon a number of underlying profiles and protocols. Two profiles handle discoverability and connection establishment. For the transferring of files the object exchange protocol is utilized. This protocol will be based upon the IrOBEX protocol, a protocol utilized for Infrared data communication. A complete file transfer must implement each one of these profiles and protocols.

The application implemented is a client/server file transfer application. It satisfies all the necessary requirements of the profile specification. It is really a group of 5 distinct programs, 3 running on the server and 2 on the client. On each there exists a security application, which in turn handles discovery and connection establishment. There is 1 client and 1 server application, which handle the communication and file browsing. The 5th application is a tool to configure which files that needs to be shared and to whom.

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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