Two Link Harmonically Driven Robotic Manipulator

Title: Force Estimation Based Compliance Control of a Two Link Harmonically Driven Robotic Manipulator

The estimation of external forces exerted on a robotic manipulator with harmonic drive gearing without a force/torque sensor is considered. Manipulator dynamics, together with motor current feedback are used to estimate external joint torques, which are transformed into estimated external…


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Motivation
1.2 Previous Work
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Thesis Outline
Chapter 2: Control, Dynamics, and Force Estimation
2.1 Robot Dynamics
2.2 Position and Compliance Control
2.3 Adaptive Control with Friction Learning
2.4 Force Estimation
2.5 Summary
Chapter 3: Manipulator Case Study
3.1 Manipulator Model
3.1.1 Kinematics
3.1.2 Force Estimator
3.2 Manipulator Hardware
3.2.1 Mechanical
3.2.2 Electronics
3.2.3 Force/Torque Sensor
3.3 Manipulator Software
3.4 System Integration
3.5 Simulation Set-up
3.6 Summary
Chapter 4: Force Estimation Experiments
4.1 Training Trajectories
4.2 Parameter Evolution During Training
4.2.1 Parameter Evolution – Simulation
4.2.2 Parameter Evolution – Hardware Experiment
4.3 Force Estimation Results for Stationary Testing
4.3.1 Stationary Testing – Simulation
4.3.2 Stationary Testing – Hardware Experiment
4.4 Force Estimation Results for Dynamic Testing
4.4.1 Dynamic Testing – Simulation
4.4.2 Dynamic Testing – Hardware Experiment
4.5 Summary
Chapter 5: Compliance Control Experiment
5.1 Compliance Controller
5.2 Force Sensor Based Compliance Control
5.3 Force Estimation Based Compliance Control
Chapter 6: Conclusion and Future Work
6.1 Conclusion
6.2 Future Work
Appendix A
A.1 Numerical Differentiation and Integration
A.2 Encoder Signal Conversion
A.3 Newton-Euler Dynamics Algorithm
A.4 Manipulator Case Study Dynamics
A.5 Manipulator Case Study Controller
A.6 Constants
Appendix B98
B.1 Newton-Euler Dynamics Code – MATLAB
B.2 Control Code – C

Author: aksman, leon michael

Source: University of Maryland

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