Definitions of hazing: Differences among selected student organizations

Fraternities, sororities, military organizations, athletic groups, and marching bands commonly are associated with hazing activities. Although such organizations have been linked to hazing activities, the fact that there is no common definition of hazing has hindered any real effort to challenge and combat such activities…


Chapter I: Introduction
Theoretical Background
Psychological Perspectives
Sociological Perspectives
Legal Perspectives
Problem Statement
Chapter II: Review of the Literature11
History of Hazing
History of Hazing in Marching Bands
History of Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities
History of Hazing in Military Organizations
History of Hazing in Athletic Teams
Legal Issues of Hazing
Social Psychology and Sociology of Hazing
Severity-Attraction Hypothesis
Severity-Affiliation-Attraction Hypothesis
Interpersonal Dependence Hypothesis
Hazing and Involvement
Hazing and High School Students
Hazing in Student Organizations
Military Organizations
Athletic Teams
Marching Bands
Perceptions of Hazing
Chapter III: Methodology
Research Design….


Author: Ellsworth, Chad

Source: University of Maryland

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