HRM in Project Organisations: Challenges and Changes

This project report is around human resource management HRM in project organisations. Firms have during the last decades tended to rely increasingly on project-based structures. This technique of projectification signifies a changed work situation for individuals in today’s organisations. Researchers from the project field of research as well as from the HRM field of research have pointed to potential implications that projectification may have for HRM. This project examines this area using a combination of numerous, comparative, and single case studies of project organisations. The research aims at determining and studying the changes and problems for HRM in this particular context.The research is offered in 4 different papers. The findings suggest a number of significant and empirically nested issues connected with Competence, Trust, Change, and Individuals. In addition, the shifting roles of HR departments and line managers in the entire HR organisation are talked about and analysed. The project suggests alternative roles for line managers, according to the organisational context, and it also proposes two ’ideal types’ of HR-departmental structures.

Contents: HRM in Project Organisations

Chapter 1 An Unexplored Dimension Of The Management Of Project-
Based Organisations
Projectification And Project-Based Organisations
Challenges For Hrm: Impressions From The Project Field
Challenges For Hrm: Impressions From The Hrm Field
The Aim Of The Thesis
Reader’s Guide
Chapter 2 Research Process And Methodology
Qualitative Case Studies
Multiple Case Study As An ‘Umbrella’ Strategy
The Cases

Research Process
From Case Studies To Constructs
HRM in Project Organisations
Chapter 3 Applying The Hrm Field To Understand Project-Based
From Managing Personnel To Managing Human Resources
The Concept Of Hrm
Hrm: Content And Structure
Line Managers: From Specialists To Hr Managers
The Design Of Modern Hr Departments
Chapter 4 Challenges And Changes For HRM in Project Organisations
Four Perspectives To Illuminate The Challenges Facing Hrm In
Changes In Content And Structure Of Hrm In Pbos
From Line Managers To Human Resource Agents
Design Of Hr Organisation And Hr-Departmental Structures
Hrm As Integrating The Requirements Of The Pbo And The…

Source: Linköping University

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