The Human Resource importance for learning and competence development within two organizations

The effect of globalization lately has shown the value in educating employees in competency development. The relevance of this globalization is the proficiency at which Human Resource work is conducted within an organization. Recent studies show that developing the competence level is in high demand in today’s society and therefore many companies have chosen to give its’ staff adequate opportunities to utilize their skills. In theory the basic hypothesis states that knowledge and competence within the workforce will be the key to success in the future rather than financial resources. The investment of this proficiency within the private and public sector on a short-term and long-term basis is necessary for each corporation in the future. A well functional organization has good insight in what demands a company should require and what competence the employees must have. During the 90’s many corporations faced several cut backs which resulted in the lack of inadequate training procedures regarding skill development for its employees. In this particular research, we have two unique corporations that have been studied for the importance HR work has on the competence development. Through interviews with correspondents working within the HR sector in global corporations, the results show that both companies view competence development as an important aspect of its’ respective success for the future. During the interviews both of the correspondents said that financial resources are not enough to give the employees the opportunity to develop their skills on a regular basis. Therefore the main responsibility is up to each individual to keep their respective knowledge up to date.

Author: Kiran Savasadia

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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