Human Resource Planning (HRP)

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is actually a sophisticated topic, especially in the course of significantly turbulent business environments offering much more discontinuities, that raises the stress regarding the better necessity for planning and the increased issues of forecast. Although a complicated theme, the actual objective is not hard, HRP is concerned with obtaining the right people, with the correct abilities in the appropriate places at the correct time. The goal of this study is to take a look at the nature of, and also to what degree businesses have the ability to handle this difficulty. In this project, 8 case study businesses from various sectors were utilized in order to recognize if there are any industry-specific distinctions or general trends concerning HRP aspects. One of the many results from our study of the researched organizations demonstrates the degree of stability in their particular industrial sectors, with regards to staff turnover and economic variations, certainly impacts the manner in which they approach HRP Human Resource Planning.


1. Introduction
1.1 Research Background
1.2 Problem Focus
1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.4 Delimitations
1.5 Structure of Thesis
2. Methodology
2.1 Research Strategy
2.2 Research Method
2.3 Data Collection
2.4 Data Analysis
2.5 Research Credibility
2.6 Research Model
3. Theoretical Framework
3.1 Human Resource Planning – Concept Clarification
3.2 The Evolution of HRP Human Resource Planning
3.3 The Contemporary Purpose of HRP
3.4 The Case for and Against HRP
3.5 Techniques for Managing Supply and Demand of Competence
3.6 External and Internal Influences on HRP
3.7 Different Types of Human Resource Planning
4. Summary of Empirical Findings
4.1 Ericsson
4.2 Handelsbanken
4.3 McDonald’s – Sweden
4.4 Mölnlycke Health Care
4.5 Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
4.6 Scandinavian Airlines System
4.7 SKF Sverige AB
4.8 AB Volvo
5. Analysis
5.1 Reasons and Motives for HRP among the Case Study Companies
5.2 Approaches to HRP Human Resource Planning
5.3 Internal and External Influences on HRP
5.4 Future Aspects of HRP…

Source: Goteborg University

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