Hybrid Free-Space and Radio Frequency Switching

The characterization and switching system for a hybrid Free-Space Optical (FSO) with Radio Frequency (RF) backup link is described. Such hybrid systems are used to take advantage of the large bit rates achieved with FSO while maintaining high reliability with a RF backup. In this project, monitoring and switching are controlled by a program that checks the FSO connection…

Author: Kim, David S

Source: University of Maryland

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1.1 Free Space Optical Availability
1.2 Hybrid System Availability
1.3 Objective
Chapter 2: Atmospheric Channel Effect
2.1 Absorption
2.2 Scattering
2.2.1 Rayleigh Scattering
2.2.2 Mie Scattering
2.3 Turbulence and Scintillation
Chapter 3: Hybrid RF/FSO Utilization Schemes
3.1 Network Architecture
3.2 Switching Method
3.3 Coding Method
Chapter 4: Experimental Setup
4.1 Setup
4.1.1 Modulator
4.1.2 Media Converters
4.2 Scintillation  Data and Switching Program
Chapter 5:Data and Results
5.1 Initial Performance Measurements
5.1.1 MGEN Data
5.1.2 Echo Packet Losses
5.2 Switching Performance
5.2.1 Scintillation Affected Switching
5.2.2 Line of Sight Blocking
Chapter 6: Conclusion
Appendix A Transmission and Loss Graphs for 100,90, and 80 nW
Appendix B Mat lab Code for Scintillation Data Formatting
Appendix C C++Code for Switching Program

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