Ice Skating in the Sculpture Garden

This collection includes a prologue and three ten-poem sections. In an attempt to sit quietly, to see and hear as clearly as possible, the poems include much tea-drinking, museum-going, and people-watching. Though most of these poems are…


From Bede’s Account of the Conversion of King Edwin
Part One
Valentine’s Day at the College Perk Coffee Shop
It’s Deafening Sometimes
Peace on Earth
Benvenuto di Giovanni’s Adoration of the Magi
Working at Starbucks in December
Directions to my House
Waiting to Play Tennis in Late September
On Being Home for Christmas
Also Thinking About This Morning
Visiting the Hirshhorn
Late Morning Downtown
Part Two
Light at the Baltimore Washington Airport
Finding Rembrandt’s Sketches
Visiting my French Canadian Grandmother
Measuring Half Batches
Thursday Night
Toute figure est un monde
Things I Remembered Today
Ice Skating in the Sculpture Garden
Part Three
In the Beginning
On Main Bar
Special Exhibit at the National Gallery of Art
Another Adoration of the Magi
Driving to Cedar Rapids
I Think in French at the Airport
View From my Apartment as Mortlake Terrace
The Life of Saint Paul
Last Judgment

Author: Boulard, Deanna Marie

Source: University of Maryland

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