Impact of culture on business negotiations between Swedish and US businessmen

In this project we will talk about how culture influences business negotiations. When two different people talk, they seldom speak about precisely the same subject, for effective meaning is flavoured by each person’s own intellectual world and cultural conditioning. When negotiating internationally, this means anticipating culturally related ideas which are most likely to be understood by a person of a given culture. In present day’s global business environment, cross-cultural negotiation has developed into a favorite subject of research. You will often find differences amongst the negotiating parties’ methods of performing business, languages, dress code, choices, legal and moral factors….

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To be successful in international business, it is important to recognize and take the cultural variables under consideration in the country where business transactions are taking place . In this thesis, we will be investigating how cultural differences have an impact on business negotiations between Swedish and American businessmen. At the same time, we have made an effort to discover how the influence of culture on business negotiations between businessmen from Sweden and the United states could be detailed, in addition to how the cultural problems facing Swedish businessmen when negotiating with businessmen from the United states can be conveyed. Last but not least, international business negotiations can be talked about from many distinctive dimensions but in this project report, we have only concentrated on the dimension of business negotiations between people from Sweden and people from the United states, from the point of view of Swedish entrepreneurs….

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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