Today’s Intelligence Banking: (Case study HSBC Thailand)

Nowadays business intelligence concept is becoming a new trend that is widely accepted in various industries. For banking industry, BI tools have been using to support many business functions. Campaign management system is one of those powerful parts of business intelligence in serving marketing decisions. The creative uses of marketing campaign help the bank maximize the returns on investment….


1.  Introduction
•  Background
•  Choice of topic
•  Company profile
•  Retail Banking Industry in Thailand
•  Problem statement
•  Purposes
•  Delimitations
•  Target audience
2.  Literature Review
•  Business Intelligence (BI)
•  Data warehouse
•  The Marketing Automation
•  Campaign Management
3.  Conceptual framework
•  The Four Phases of Intelligence-Based Marketing Automation
4.  Methodology
•  Data collection
•  Choice of company
•  How to analyze
5.  Finding
•  Customer segmentation and identify the profitable customer
•  Tracking and measurement of HSBC Marketing Campaign
•  HSBC plan for Campaign Management
•  Business issue for implementation of campaign management system…

Author: Pongsacharoennont, Oneta

Source: Malardalen University

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