Investigation of the table in the student lab

Finite element modal was performed on structure(T-form) with free boundary conditions and an experimental modal was performed on the table in the student lab. FRF coupling was achieved between the updated modal of the structure and the experimental modal of the table. A new finite element modal was performed on the structure with restrain boundary condition


1. Notation
2.1 Project description
3. Fundamentals
3.1-Expermintal Modal Analysis
3.1.1 Principles of Modelling
3.1.2 Modelling Purpose
3.2 Preparations before measurements
3.2.1 Suspension of the structure
3.2.2 The number of points.
3.2.3 Reference point
3.2.4 Impact excitation
3.2.5 Accelerometer considerations
4. The experimental modelling of the table
4.1 The table description
4.1.1 The steel properties
4.2 Other equipments
4.3 Description of measurement procedure
4.3.1 The dimensions of the points
4.3.2 The general procedure
4.4 Parameter extraction
4.4.1 Parameter extraction-theoretically
4.4.2 Extraction using toolbox
4.4.3 Results
5. FE modal for the structure
5.1 The beams-structure description
5.1.1 The properties of Aluminium
5.2 Modelling in I-DEAS and updating procedure
5.2.1 Results
5.3 FRF from the I-deas model
6. The FRF-coupling
6.1The result of the FRF-coupling
6.1.1Connecting the table with the beam structure
6.1.2 Results
7. Conclusion
7.1 Comparison between FRF for point 3
8. The used function of the toolbox
9. References

Author: Anssaf Mohammed

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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