Are you lean or just mean – Application of Lean Principles in F2F Service Operations

The purpose of the thesis was to analyze whether specific organizational changes could be interpreted as an application of lean principles. Furthermore the aim was to study what the potential effects of such changes could be in terms of productivity. The study concludes that the organizational changes that have taken place in the dental practices show many similarities to the concept of lean…


1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Limitations and definitions
1.5 Disposition
2. Methodology
2.1 The Choice of Theory
2.2 Research Approach
2.3 Research Strategy – The Case Study Method
2.3.1 Why the Case Method?
2.3.2 Choosing cases
2.3.3 Research Model
2.3.4 Data Collection Methods
2.3.5 Conducting the field research
2.3.6 Analyzing the case data
2.3.7 Synthesis
2.4 Validity and Reliability
2.4.1 Construct Validity
2.4.2 Internal validity
2.4.3 External validity
2.4.4 Reliability
3. Theoretical Background
3.1 The rise and spread of lean
3.2 Lean Production
3.2.1 The seven principles to lean production
3.2.2 The waste concept – seven wastes
3.3 Lean Thinking
3.3.1 Lean principles
3.4 Lean Services
3.4.1 Development of lean in service industries
3.4.2 Productivity in face-to-face services
4. Theoretical Framework
4.1 Introductio
4.2 Empirical Background
4.3 Translating lean principles into face-to-face service operations
4.3.1 Specification of value
4.3.2 Identify value stream and eliminate waste
4.3.3 Creating flow
4.3.4 Creating pull
4.3.5 Strive for perfection
4.3.6 Conclusions from the translation of lean principles into face-to-face service operations
4.4 Translating lean production principles into face-to-face service operations
4.4.1 Elimination of waste
4.4.2 Zero defects
4.4.3 Push
4.4.4 Multifunctional teams
4.4.5 Decentralization
4.4.6 Vertical information systems
4.4.7 Continuous improvements
4.4.8 Conclusions from the translation of the lean production principles into face-to-face service operations
4.5 Productivity
4.5.1 Operational productivity
4.5.2 Customer productivity
4.5.3 Employee productivity
4.6 Theoretical Framework
5. Empirical findings
5.1 General Background
5.2 Organizational changes undertaken when moving from the “Traditional Practice” to the “The Peak”
5.2.1 Resource allocation
5.2.2 Standardization, planning and scheduling
5.2.3 Daily meetings
5.2.4 Demand Management
5.3 “Finding Balance”
6. Analysis
6.1 Analysis Research ….

Author: Johan Belfrage,Per Hedberg

Source: Stockholm School of Economics

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